Pets of the Pandemic

A useful reference list of pets of all varieties mentioned on Liveline during the terribul pestilence of de pandemic

  1. Murphy
  2. Brando
  3. Buttsy
  4. Topsy (A rabbit)
  5. Kee Kee & Dee (Aged 17 and 5)
  6. Dutchy (Kitten)- FAKE NEWS! Divoc
  7. Bailey
  8. BooBoo3 (Cat, 3 legs, survivor)
  9. Patches Poggins (Found on Patrick's day)
  10. Milly the Labrador (Tried to drown her owner)
  11. Snuggie - dognapped
  12. Louie - Attempted kidnapping and drugged
  13. Charlie - HARLEY?!?!
  14. Johnny O - A boat
  15. Boicie - missing (escaped) parrot
  16. Ruby - sits in the foire engine
  17. Jojo and Fergus - both girls?
  18. Dicky Duck / Dookie Duck? - Getting a house call from Dignitas tomorrow, currently watching his own grave being dug in a field with 5 predeceaded dogs and 4 cats, thrown from a moving car as a pup with 2 broken legs as a result.
  19. Lunatic Soup aka Kelp
  20. Dukey Dog?
  21. Benji (loves to dance to "Blurred Lines", 12) Bella (the little bitch, 5) - Can hear things MILES away.
  22. Benji Senior (Josh)
  23. Taz - The CPR chiwawa
  24. Holly - cat
  25. Oisin- an madra marabh
  26. An escaped goat - what the gym provides for people
  27. An unnamed rat the size of a small car
  28. Princess - dog (what's his name)
  29. Prince - of peace. A small little lovely dog we hope has many years ahead. But is 15 years old and not heading for Lour-des.
  30. Annabel- 35 year old donkey
  31. Daisy - a little yaris with a little face that you wrap your arms around (Joe's words)
  32. Unnamed Kitten - on the loose in Eyre square chased down by a trained solider
  33. Unnamed Big German Shepard - AWOL
  34. Rocky/Spud - Confident sun glasses wearing golf player
  35. German shepherds, unnamed, x 2, both deceased - smoke inhalation
  36. Cats, unnamed, x 2, both deceased - smoke inhalation
  37. Fluffly - spoiled 16 year old cat, great company as is her owner
  38. Glen Taisie- barked in a feminine fashion at the owners daughter
  39. De dogs of St Anne's Park struck down with the Vomiting bug
  40. Sam -16 year old jack Russell had his 2 cruciates done did 6 months hard time in a cage
  41. Lexie - company for Sam after another dog was put asleep and Sam wouldn't eat
  42. Dog died of cancer and 3 legged talking cat
  43. Puss Puss - Kitten found on a stone in a stream in Galway trained to scratch the carpets. Quietly dispatched after a brief discussion. Didn't wander off into the woods to die as Joe opined is 'how cats die'.
  44. Dílis - a great dog by all accounts. Caller: 'Dílis'. Joe: 'Treelish'. Caller: 'No - Dílis, Dílis!' Joe: 'Ah yes Treelish'.
  45. False Widow Spider - or else a hot water bottle, essentially the same thing
  46. Timberlake the Cockatoo - Timby to his friends. Not named after Justin Timberlake but after a place in Canada that Twink knows.
  47. Holly & Bobby - age 9 & 4. Two Yorkshire terriors barking and runnin around de place wid egg site ment. Nearly smashed a window with their mighty paws.
  48. Bella & Alfie - less favoured than Holly & Bobby
  49. Brandy - gun dog got a few rubs post mortum
  50. 8 cardigan corgi pups - 3 dogs 3 bitches - quick little poo and then in for night is their routine
  51. Stella - mother who dodges her pups from 6 weeks
  52. Morgan- father drinking in the marble bar in kilkenny
  53. Lynx- mystery dog
  54. Pet name of the pandemic - sweetheart - a cattle lorry driver who 50 years ago tried to escape a woman and shes still haunting him
  55. Bella and Poppy - June Rodgers dogs rescued from the dump whose lives actually got wurser after being rescused
  56. Susan - It's a little car, a little Susan, but it doesn't answer to that name.
  57. Petronella - previous car (highest pitch giggle ever broadcast)
  58. A spooky horse
  59. A tallish kind of running dog
  60. June - Born in March and fell off a cliff
  61. Tom the cagey cat- The biggest Cat in the world - 'cot' in a wheelie bin, tried to hi-jack a van and then absconded
  62. Mia, Coco (deceased), Cotton socks, Peaches and Calli - Each with their own bedroom and may or may not be related to each other
  63. Psyco Cat aka Peep - more like a snake than a cat. 3 days up the chimney, previously rehomed and it didn't work out
  64. Snugglepuss/Snufflepuss - went for the callers partner at one point
  65. Honey- Bray recycling center cat rehabilitated after 3 months & shows off her underside
  66. Quinto - 'printo?' & 'QUINTO AS IN FOIVE?!' Guide dog.
  67. Rory - The retiree guide dog. TYFYS.
  68. Iris & Issac - penthouse cats who won't pay any rent
  69. A menagerie of turty animals: Daisy - Missing Finglas ferret Wanted Dead or Alive, a carnivore who escaped but hasn't killed...YET Lilly- Sister Ferret Crazy Colly - 5 months old Free roaming bunnies X 2 Terrapins - Free slow roaming African Pygmy Hedgehog 10 Rats - "Are dey white ones?!" Sky - Skoy the bedroom rat possible COVID death Several Mice Sonny - Green Cheek Parrot Joy - Monk Parakeet/Quaker parrot Guinea pigs Temperamental Bunnies x 2 -Fluff flying
  70. Eve - Cat, prone to popping in the bathroom window
  71. Dessie "The Border Fox" O'Hare Dominic "Mad Dog" McGlinchey
  72. Anonomous - Black Collie 9 months pursued by a sleigh (chair)
  73. Sandy - 21 year old piano playing singing waving gunshot victim
  74. Persia - cat and recognised blood doner. Gone to cat heaven age 16, sister made it to 20.
  75. 92 blood donating hounds.
  76. Casey - a little princess Collie a spritely 12 but replaced with a little slob.
  77. Molly - rescue dog - ate some rat poison recieved blood transfusion from Cello - mad as a brush hyper. Both dead now.
  78. Lucy -Cocker spaniel full of beans (sunday) listeless (monday) dead now. Recieved blood transform from Maggie - golden retriever.
  79. Little Pug 10kg (overweight) cover his ears so you don't upset him.